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For 40 years I’ve been creating images and objects through Photography, Serigraphy (Silk-screens), Stained Glass, Painting, Drawing, and Textiles. The catalyst for this work was and is Historical, Biblical, and Personal.

August, 2012

New work has been added and will be added over the next 60 days to the Photos, Drawings (Pen and Ink), Glass (Windows and Structures{New}) and Textiles sub-sections found under the Portfolio listing to the left. You can read about all these new additions in the News section.

June, 2010

Pieces have been added to the Photo, Drawings, Glass, and Textiles Sections of the Portfolio.  Please read about these additions in the News Section.

June, 2008

A number of new projects have begun, besides continuing to add to many of the older projects. By the end of this year 2 quilts should be completed. (see News) To view these go to the “Textile” subsection found under the Portfolio listing on the sidebar.

In 2006 I did a pen and ink drawing solely for the sake of the drawing rather than forming the basis for a screen print or a stained glass window. This drawing led me to try some more. In the past the drawings were quite small, unually no more than 4-5 inches in either length or width. This new series of drawings are 4 to 5 times the previous size.

Besides the pen and ink drawings I began working with Pastels this past winter. The choice of material was sparked after seeing an exhibit by Sean Scully last summer in Barcelona. Initially, the subject matter was based on the Separation Barrier that exists between Israel and the Palestinian Territories.

New Glass pieces have been added to both the “Sconce“ and “Windows“ subsections in the Portfolio.

June, 2006

New Work: “Trees and Landscapes, Volume 1”
12 Photos assembled as a Limited Edition Boxed Portfolio of 15 sets. 7 of of these sets are available for purchase. See Photo, Silver Print-Toned Section of this Website, under Portfolio heading.

“Pinhole Photos”
Also under the Photo, Silver Print-Toned Section. These 12 images have been digitally reprinted as Ink Jet prints. They are available in two sizes: 20 inches in length and 36 inches in length. Widths vary depending on the image. These images were first made in 1969 and 1970 and printed as contact prints on Kodak Printing Out Paper. All of these photos were made using various tin cans as the camera source.

Other Photos
More photos have been added under each of the other subheadings in the Photo, Silver Print-Toned section. Some of these images are from Poland in 2004 and others are from photos made as early as 1968 and many from the years in between.

For more information on all of the above please see the News Section of this Website.

Alan Metnick